Adjusting the bi-directional link plugin to handle Dataview links

Obsidian Dataview works in live preview mode only. In order to use it to generate automatic Maps of Content that will display properly in Jekyll, it must be used in conjunction with the Templater plugin so that the dataview query is rendered in Markdown upon application of the template.

Unfortunately, there is still one more hurdle to get Dataview working with the Digital Garden Jekyll template. Dataview links are formatted [[|Filename ]] which works for links in Obsidian, but the way the Jekyll Garden template package is set up links must be formatted with the note’s Filename or Title . They can also be labeled like [[ Filename|This is a page about links ]] but the plain filename, without the .md extension, must be used.

So, in order to get around this, the bidirectional_links_generator.rb plugin must be amended to also account for [[|Filename ]] as a valid link format.

Coming Soon!

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