Digital Coffee Shop

A digital coffee shop is my take on digital gardening. For no other reason than to fit in with the name of this site1, rather than use the garden metaphor for my personal knowledge base, I use the metaphor of a coffee shop.

A coffee shop is a place where one can spend time deep in thought while also indulging in people-watching. It is a place to meet up with friends while enjoying a cup of coffee, but also somewhere you can bring you laptop or notebooks to do work, studying, writing, or just enjoy the atmosphere and listen to music. In that vein, a digital café, like the digital garden it is inspired by, is a place where I can collect thoughts and ideas of all kinds: intellectual musings, creative pursuits, or inspiration from other admired thinkers. It is a place where I do work, but also where I can share that work.

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  1. While the “hanten” (飯店) in Neko Hanten (“cat café”) means closer to “Chinese Restaurant” than “café”, it’s hard to pass up the café metaphor when cafés have such a long history of being community spaces associated with study and creativity. 

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