Neko Hanten

I have owned this domain,, since 2009. It was the first domain I ever purchased, and teenage me was so excited to be able to spend my hard-earned summer job money on my own website! It was luxury I had coveted since early childhood when I first got started on the internet making my own websites. [[ Blog ]]

Neko Hanten is a reference to one of my favorite anime, [[ Ranma 1/2 ]]. It is the name of the restaurant that Shampoo works in with her great-grandmother. Something about the name stuck with me and was the first thing that came to mind when I went to register my first domain. Over the years, I never really used it for much, and even after deciding to use a different name for my handcraft portfolio, I couldn’t let go of this domain.

Eventually, after discovering zettelkasten, second brains, and digital gardening, the “Cat Café” seemed like the perfect spot for cozy learning in public.

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